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Catherine Amakars' work is a celebration of the female form. Her pieces bring to light the unparalleled beauty and strength of femininity. Her belief system provides a platform for this observing of the mutual exclusivity of man and woman with a focus on how these two energies coexist. 

However, her work predominantly focuses on the 'female' sexuality; its growth and how it is quintessentially prevalent in today's society. By celebrating womankind, Amakars is careful not to subvert masculinity, but the toxicity it can often allude to. 

For Amakars, the body is a pure source of strength and divinity imposed upon the subconscious mind, which in turn leads to the possibility of the freedom of the physical body. 

The collection bonds the artist to her own consciousness, and the wider world. The core of humanity, and Amakars herself, bleeds through the brush, and once it arrives on the canvas, delivers an accolade of experience. 

The artist and the art are as mutually exclusive as the mind and the body, the man and the woman, and whilst they can stand alone, together they are unified and ultimately freed. 

The relentless and unparalleled potential of woman, and 'this' woman, are yet to be fully exposed. 

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